Embroidered Emblems are sewn on multi head high speed embroidery machines.  Virtually any size, shape, and colors are possible including large emblems for the back of jackets.  Special threads can be used for metalic gold and metalic silver.  For night time safety, reflective material can be used which gives visibility in darkness and adverse weather such as rain, fog, snow, and smoke.  Heat seal backing can be included on the emblems for easy iron on.  Also Velcro backing is available.

Enamel Pins are manufactured in a variety of different methods.  Cloisone “ hard enamel” is the most durable and shows the brightest amount of color depth.  The process of hard enamel involves many finishing steps to polish the hard fired resin.  Another popular style is die struck enamel, this method provides a depth of recessed enamel that gives a three dimensional effect to the pin.  Trained artisans hand carve three dimensional molds with exacting detail.  There are many types of attachments for the back of the pins: military style clutch backs, pin and catch for badges, dome style clutch backs for jewelry grade pins.  The most common size of pins are 1”, they are available in sizes up to 2”.  After completing the initial computer design of the pin, suggestions can be made as to what style of manufacturing would be best suited to produce the finest quality pin and the options available.

Coins are die struck from high grade copper and plated in finishes including gold, silver, antique gold, antique silver, and copper.  The standard size is 1 ½”diameter, larger sizes of 1 3/4” and 2” are available. Each coin comes with a clear plastic two piece case. Coins can be either flat two dimensional design or hand sculpted three dimensional relief sculpted. Enamel colors can be added to one or both sides. Special finishing options include two tone plating, gold silver combination, and individual serial numbers.

Key Chains can be manufactured with or without leather attachment.  3D sculpting can be incorporated to produce a very dynamic effect.  Also cast three dimensional key chains in a variety of metal finishes are available.  Hand enameling can be included on all designs. 

​Badges are die struck in either one piece solid or multiple panel designs.  Individual numbering and titles can be included and custom seals can be added to the center.  Plating can be in gold or silver and also two tone.  Each badge is custom manufactured, there are no stock designs that are available.  Each order will be a very unique creation which is one of a kind.

​Mugs and glassware are custom silk screen printed and fired in a kiln to assure long lasting brilliance.  This catalog shows only a few of the many styles available.  A complete selection of ceramic mugs, wine and beverage glasses, stainless steel mugs and thermos are available to print your logo or insignia.  

Decals are either digitally printed or printed on an offset printing machine. The size, shape, and number of colors is
infinite.  Plotter cutting is done for irregular shaped designs.  Decals can be used as bumper stickers, vinyl window stickers, or vehicle markings.  Special reflective material can be used to enhance night time visibility.  

​Caps are completely custom made to your specifications.  This includes choices of cap fabric including cotton twill, brushed cotton twill, and wool.  Embroidery areas can include front, bill, back, and sides.  Special 3D foam embroidery can be used to give a high relief to the embroidered design. The back enclosure can be made of velcro, snap plastic, or
metal buckles. Other styles of headwear are available including visors, knit hats, and flexfit type baseball caps.

All products are custom manufactured.  Designs contained in this catalog are property of the customers.  

Embroidery  Metal  Printing Specialists

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